The Final Shift Movie; Actor Biographies for Duncan Putney, Christine Hunt, and Elizabeth Colunga.

The Devout Family; Duncan Putney Christine Hunt Elizabeth Colunga
Duncan Putney as  Clarence
Clarence is barely holding on to his paper pushing job. His wife Ruth and daughter Sarah are emotional strangers living in the same "perfect suburban home" he so willingly provides. He feels like he's lost control of his life. But, his religion affords him the illusion that he actually has that control. Following the rules gives him a deluded feeling of superiority, and the need to put others in their places. "Judge first or you'll be judged." Church every Sunday is the place to be seen as the "perfect family", as is going out for lunch as a family at your average local diner. But, today is not an average day, and as the family facade crumbles around him he must come to terms with the reality of his life.
Christine Hunt as Ruth
Ruth wanted what every young girl would wants; to marry the man of her dreams and live happily ever after. An avid church goer and all around "good girl", Ruth thought she married the ideal "godly husband". Soon, she discovered it was just a facade. She was trapped in an empty marriage and soon became a young mother. Years of feeling used and hiding behind the falseness of her marriage left Ruth resentful and questioning her faith, her intentions, and her ability to hold it all together. Can Ruth handle the pressures of being a perfect mother and wife?
As an only child, it was hard for Sarah’s parents not to be proud of her grades and accomplishments, despite being "just average". Her docile mother and pretentious father would present her with numerous gifts in return for Sarah to accompany her parents each and every Sunday at church. She outgrew the “Daddy’s little girl” phase at a very young age, especially once she understood the reality of her family’s church, its vain members, and the false meaning behind the word “forgiveness” in every sermon. Now as a beautiful teenager, Sarah speculates on how to live her own life her way and out from under her parent's influence.
Duncan Putney

Duncan Putney has extensive acting credits that include the films Mystic River, The Town, R.I.P.D. Brilliant Mistakes, By the Sea, and television episodics like The Gilded Lilys. As a screenwriter, his work has been recognized with a New England Emmy Award, two Gold Screen Awards, and awards from the International Family Film Festival, the Going Green Film Festival, the Woods Hole Film Festival, the Spotlight on Rhode Island Screenwriting Competition and many more.
Christine Hunt
Christine Hunt has been featured in print work and local commercials. This mother of three children was crowned Mrs. NH-America 2008. Christine has been featured in several independent and short films. Her desire as an actress is to take on the humanity of her characters, developing truth and reality in a way that directly connects to the heart of her audience, whether the reality is full of light, darkness, or both.
Elizabeth Colunga
Elizabeth Colunga studied at Colorado Film School where she majored in writing and directing. She turned toward acting in her second year and has starred in many short films as well as written and directed her own. Elizabeth currently lives in Andover, Massachusetts and enjoys photography, singing, and cooking in her spare time.

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