The Final Shift Movie; Actor Biographies for Scott Giangrande, Adrienne Montezinos, and Nicole Trychon.

The Final Shift Als Diner Staff; Scott Giangrande, Adrienne Montezinos, and  Nicole Trychon
Scott Giangrande as Al The Owner of Al's Place
Al The owner of Al’s Place, a failing diner on the verge of collapse and foreclosure. Al is a lonely, sad man who rarely leaves his home. An ex-Marine with no family and few friends, Al has never been married and is very uncomfortable interacting with people, except for his waitresses Maureen and Trudie. Neither of these women could ever guess the horrible things Al has seen and done while serving his country, and Al has tried his best to put those years behind him, but the memories remain. If Al were a man who ever thought he deserved anything good in his life, he might acknowledge his romantic feelings for Trudie.
Adrienne Montezinos as Maureen
Maureen is the 34 year old, fiercely independent head waitress at Al's Place. After a marriage to a struggling composer, became a physical threat to her well being she gave up her dream of dancing on Broadway for yet another small town in Massachusetts, working at Al's place, a temporary job that over the years became a way of life. Maureen doesn't easily suffer fools, but will fake it for a good tip. Small town life seemed to pick up when Sam, a local EMT, appeared at the Diner one day. He was drawn to her tough exterior, but he also recognized a vulnerable side that needed protection, a side Maureen will never admit exists.
Trudy is an enigmatic under spoken beauty. She is bright, full of potential, and curious about the world around her. But, she is a dreamer but lacks drive. Adopted, she tried to work for her family's affection, but was always beaten down with negativity. Drowning in alcohol and drugs, her parents kicked her out right after High School. Living on her own, she is barely getting by working as a waitress in Al's Diner, a job which seems to give her the only sense of security she has ever known. Trudy yearns for the type of love Maureen and Al give her, but she tends to keep up a barrier between herself and those around her.
Scott Giangrande
Scott Giangrande is honored to have now been featured in all three of Wild Beagle Productions’ films, previously seen as Chris in CO2 and George Wilson/Creepy Bar Guy in 27 Down. Scott has been acting in local movies, plays, and commercials for over 20 years. In 2010, Red Sox fans were inundated with six W.B. Mason “3AM Coffee Break” commercials, all starring Scott as Stanley, the NESN janitor. In theatre, Scott has enjoyed performing in over 50 shows, most recently as Max Bialystock in The Producers, Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, and President Charles Smith in David Mamet’s November. Scott would like to send out heartfelt thanks to John Depew and Judy Coleman for the professional and comfortable atmosphere they always provide, and for being wonderful friends.
Adrienne Montezinos
Adrienne Montezinos grew up in Larchmont, NY and began her performing career as a dancer. She studied at The Boston Conservatory and at The Ailey School as a scholarship student. She received her BA in English from Columbia University. Adrienne has appeared in numerous commercials, web videos, plays, print ads, and films. Some of her most rewarding independent film characters include the psychiatrist Dr. Leder in Crooked Lane, Death in the short film, The Bureau , the lead in The Madman's Garden the title role in The Marriage Counselor, which she co-wrote, Christine in Justin Scarelli's TV pilot Paradigm, an attorney in "Shades of Gray" , Alainia, in the gritty, inner city horror film feature Dead Giveaway. Adrienne is thrilled to be working with John Depew for the first time in Final Shift along with an immensely talented cast and top notch crew. See Adrienne Montezinos' video interview
Nicole Trychon
Nicole Trychon grew up in Massachusetts and received a BA at the University of Rhode Island. Working on the set of Boston Girls sparked an interest in film and television and she has appeared on various television shows and day time soap operas, including All my Children She dedicated the next few years of her life to a full fledged acting career. Her resume includes an extensive list of credits ranging from film, television and music videos. Nicole has a variety of interests involving Dance, Shotokan Karate , equestrian jumping, as well as stunt training, specifically fighting for film. Nicole's current role as the enigmatic "Trudy" in the Wild Beagle Productions feature film The Final Shift, showcases her growing versatility. Please visit her website and See Nicole Trychon's video interview.

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