The Final Shift Movie; Actor Biographies for John Depew and Vanessa and Leigh.

The Hitman and the Assassin; John Depew and Vanessa Leigh
John Depew as Frank
Frank is an aging Hit-man who is a calculating, cold blooded, killer with no soft spot for anyone until he meets Margot. When he has a job to do, he is all business! He is very detail conscious and careful and leaves nothing to chance. Every aspect of the hit must be foolproof, which accounts for his longevity as a Hit-man. He coldly and efficiently dispatches anyone who would obstruct or witness his "mission of the moment" and then seems totally aloof to the havoc he has just reaped and moves on as if such violence is routine for him because it is.
Vanessa Leigh as Margot & Delta
Margot/Delta Step-sister of Alfa is the product of a secret project she was forced to join by her father. She was drugged, and victimized by the very people who were to train and protect her while she was participating in the project. She is not intimidated by much. She always says what is on her mind, regardless of who she is talking to, or any potential resulting consequences. Margot, unlike her half sister Alpha, refuses to take the last step in her program. Before she escaped, they trained her to become the perfect weapon and that was their first mistake.
John Depew
John Depew discovered his love of acting some 15 years ago at the age of 46. Since then, every day he is in the theater or on the set makes him feel as if he's 21 again. Regardless of when he got his start, John has built a body of work that anyone would be proud of. John has worked in variety of mediums. From film and theater work to television commercials and industrials. John loves the craft. John has brought to life many memorable characters from the well- known Mort from Neil Simon's California Suite with the Burlington Players to lead and supporting roles in the award winning films Norma's Scent and well as many others. Through his dedication and hard work, John has won not one, but two EMACT Awards in a single year for his supporting roles in the theater. Currently, John has more than 20 independent film credits to his name. While John continues to seek acting projects, he has also taken an interest behind-the-scenes as well. With an idea that had been rattling around in John's head for several years, and with the help of writing partner Steve Hrehovik, John wrote his first feature length screenplay. Rather than hand the script to someone else to make, and with more than a little encouragement from John's wife, Judy Coleman, John created Wild Beagle Productions and set his mind on directing his first feature film. John is no stranger to new ventures. He has been an entrepreneur his entire life and is currently the CEO of Bradford Medical, a company John started from scratch some 18 years ago. Wild Beagle Productions was a natural progression for a man smitten by his desire to bring compelling characters to life and tell stories. Since Wild Beagle Productions launched, they have completed three films, 27 Down, CO2 and most recently The Final Shift. In his short time as a director, John has already garnered interest from distributors and accolades for his work. Despite such a full plate, John has recently found time to tackle a new media, the Internet by taking the reigns as director for the noire action/thriller Crossing Denver. In addition to his work with Bradford Medical and the entertainment industry, John has made time to be a loving father to four children and 12 grandchildren in Kono, Hawaii, John currently resides in Haverhill, MA with his wife and partner in life and love Judy Coleman. See John Depew's video interview.
Vanessa Leigh
Vanessa Leigh has a passion for the dramatic arts that began at an early age thanks to her parents' love of theatre and the arts. Thanks to a stage performance of her favorite movie, Annie, Vanessa found herself hooked. Having grown up so close to New York's amazing cultural heritage, those early memories continue to inspire her career. Vanessa is a full time, working (i.e., starving) actor and artist. She studied Musical Theatre at Emerson College as well as Fine Art at NHIA., with her chosen art medium being painting. As the actress, Vanessa has landed such fun roles as Daisy Mae in the stage productions of L'il Abner and Mrs. Walker in The Who's Tommy (one of her favorites). But despite these wonderful stage experiences, it wasn't until doing film that she really felt like she knew where she wanted to be. Recently, Vanessa has starred on Television in a two hour special screening of Joy And The Apocalypse, a brilliant independent film where she portrays Joy, a pregnant, crazy, released mental patient on the last day of the world. Currently she is working on a the feature film SRQ State Of Mind to be released in 2012, and The Final Shift from director John Depew and Wild Beagle Productions, A Sci-Fi Action film, where Vanessa plays an assassin. In addition to her stage and film work, Vanessa has appeared in numerous national commercials for Staples, The Air National Guard, Reebok, Safety 1st., as well as many regional spots such as the Connecticut State Lottery, J.W. Graham, and Rotman's Furniture. Vanessa has completed a few Pilots for television as well including Zooquarium, Cranberry Hill and Boston's Finest. Crossing Denver is not Vanessa's first foray into web work either. You can also see her web hosting on-line at sites such as Unum or The Better Business Bureau or on Youtube working in music videos for such up-and-coming artists such as New Medicine. Vanessa is also an avid animal activist who frequently volunteers and donates funds to protect wildlife in this country and around world. See Vanessa Leigh's video interview.

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