The Final Shift Movie; Actor Biographies for Cate Carson, Lee Simonds, Reza Breakstone, and Fiore Leo.

The Thieves; Cate Carson, Lee Simonds, Reza Breakstone, Fiore Leo
Cate Carson as Charity
Charity is a drive-in-the-fast-lane, get-rich-quick thief who falls for the leader of the pack, Callum Murphy. At an early age, Charity had a bad run-in with a cop who killed her brother, and she has had an aversion to the law and the police since. Charity is bipolar and sociopathic, simply put, a loose cannon with very a bad temper. Charity is totally devoid of any behavioral restraints whatsoever. She acts impulsively before thinking. She's wildly sexual and not afraid to use her sexuality and moxie to get what she wants, and what she wants is to take the money and run.

Lee Simonds as Callum Murphy
Callum's mother left when he was just a baby due to his father's overbearing, militaristic, strict and abusing personality. His father tried to get him to join the military, but it was clear that he had no interest in the military even from a very young age. Callum was kicked out of several boarding and military schools due to his disrespect of authority. Callum's father considered him a disgrace to the Murphy family and disowned him. Murphy fell into the wrong crowd and he spent some time in jail after a failed bank robbery. His lust for money and power makes him a cold and calculating criminal. The only thing Callum loves more then money is his ruthless and coldhearted girlfriend Charity.
 Cate Carson
Cate Carson is a military police, intelligence, and law enforcement gal who turned back to a pursuit of an acting and directing career. She gravitates toward drama and action films, and is skilled in defensive tactics and firearms, but she wants to work in a variety of genres. She is fascinated by people and what they have been through or accomplished. Her recent experience includes independent short films, a feature called Back to the Beyond, and a web-series called BLUR in which she portrays a young woman going blind. She currently co-owns 3PASTMIDNIGHT Films, an independent film company, and directed and acted in a psychological thriller called "Capture", and a dramatic experimental feature called III in the summer of 2011. Her company has numerous other projects in various stages of development.
See Cate Carson's video interview.
Lee Simonds
Lee Simonds grew up in Alaska, the northernmost and believe it or not the easternmost state you can find in this great country of ours. When he was 11 his family moved to Stowe, Vermont. Besides acting, skiing is one of his passions along with mountain biking and anything to do with the outdoors. When Lee is not acting, you can find him in the wild, blue yonder as a Jetblue Flight Attendant. This gives him the advantage of being able to fly for free anywhere in the country for upcoming projects. He spends a lot of time in New Orleans, NYC, and Boston. He has worked on several independent, student and feature length films. Some of his modeling credits include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Life is Good, Solid Works, and Saucony. See Lee Simond's video interview.
Reza Breakstone as Nico Costello
Born into a dysfunctional home that he was ultimately removed from, Niko's life is a story of squandered talent. His relationship with his mother was non-existent as she was young and unfit to take care of one child, nevertheless two. His father was a bum: an abusive alcoholic who terrorized his family. All Niko remembers from his father was how he used to beat Bennie, his older brother, mercilessly for trying to step in and take a beating in place of their mother. He hated his father for this and worshipped the bravery of his still young, yet older, brother for standing up to him. His only source of stability was his older brother, Bennie, who loved him and protected him, but could not provide adequate guidance apart from street code. When Bennie was imprisoned, Niko temporarily lost the only constant in his life. He turned to drugs, his life spiraling out of control. Now that Bennie is out of jail, Niko is determined to be by his brother's side, even if it means turning to a life of crime and violence to do so.

Fiore Leo as  Bennie Costello
Born to a seventeen year old girl during a time when teen girls did not become mothers, Bennie’s youth was spent in a constant state of dysfunction. He spent his days on the streets with the wrong crowd and his nights watching his mom get physically abused by his alcoholic father. Bennie was always grateful that his younger brother Niko didn't share the same memories since his father deserted the family when Niko was very young. Their father’s departure shifted the responsibility of raising Niko to Bennie. Bennie became Niko’s guardian, father figure, and brother from the day Niko was born. Bennie had no idea what these roles meant. All he knew was how to protect Niko. Niko admired and loved Bennie but, unfortunately, Bennie was not much of a role model. By the time he was a teenager, Bennie’s mom had died from a drug overdose and him and his brother ended up in and out of foster homes.
Reza Breakstone
Reza Breakstone is an actor, writer, and attorney. His most recent role, as a mercurial and manipulative pimp in the short film Turnaround, premieres at the 2012 Boston International Film Festival. Recent credits include the lead male role in the indie feature Joy and the Apocalypse that was broadcast on MyTV New England; Nehru's Second Partridge where he played a 1960's refugee in India, Let the Block Know where he played a P-Diddy-inspired hip hop mogul/rapper; Resonance where he played an investigative detective in a silent film, and four additional independent films that are in post-production. Reza has also performed on stage in an improv comedy, and takes classes at the Improv Asylum. See Reza Breakstone's video interview.
Fiore Leo
Fiore Leo, a New England native grew up in Everett, Massachusetts with his parents and brother. Fiore was exposed to acting while attending Philips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH. He had a bit role in a stage performance of the hit British show Simply Marvelous. He continued to act throughout his days at Union College where he majored in economics and minored in theater. Following graduation, Fiore followed his dream while living in New York City. His path was re-routed when he backed off of acting for some years. In the summer of 2005, Fiore began to audition again only this time he was in Boston. He landed a number of independent film roles and has never looked back. See Fiore Leo's video interview

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