The Final Shift Movie; Actor Bios for Robert Miano, Kevin McCormick, and Diana Porter.

The Villians; Actors Kevin McCormick, Robert Miano, Diana Porter
Kevin McCormick as Resnik
Resnik is a very intense, tough, "take no prisoner's" person who is Maslow's right hand man in the film. He definitely has a strong military background, especially in hand to hand combat and there is no situation he feels he cannot have play out the way he wants it to with his experience. He is loyal to Maslow and will follow through with plans that Maslow has ordered, but deep down Resnik carries a feeling that he wants things done a "certain way" and feels he has the ability to carry out missions using his abilities and experience. Sometimes he feels like the chain of command is a nuisance keeping him from realizing his full potential.
Robert Miano as Maslow
Maslow is a cold, calculating, rogue military colonel with his own agenda and connections in very high places. He has headed top secret projects for the government, including the one that Margot and Alpha had become a part of and now he is on a mission to get what he wants, and has the muscle to get it. He has his own black ops project to straighten out and he will do whatever it takes to fix it. Aided by his hand picked band of ruthless enforcers, Maslow's mission of the moment isn't doing the government's business right now, he is working for himself . . . . Or is he?
Diana Porter as Alpha
ALPHA Alpha is a naturally driven young woman who excelled in math, science and sports. She seemed to view others only as adversaries. Once enrolled in the program, she received combat training with weapons and hand to hand including kung fu and muay thai. She was first of any subject to make a structural transformation and her speed and agility were improved 3x and 5x respectively. Alpha embraced the program and pursued a high level of achievement within it unlike her half sister who was troubled by her new power!
Kevin McCormick
KEVIN MCCORMICK Kevin McCormick started acting in 2007 after he was cast in his first feature film What Doesn't Kill You alongside Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo. After film he started working with Carter-Thor East acting studios under the tutelage of acting coach Jock MacDonald. During this time he was also cast in another feature Locked In with Ben Barnes and started attending the Actor's Green Room in NY where I began taking intensives with some of the biggest casting directors in TV and film in NY. He has been 'One Life to Live twice, and worked on The Town with Ben Affleck, and cast as the lead in a pilot getting pitched to HBO in June 2012 and has a recurring role on CBS' new show NYC 22 with Robert DeNiro as executive producer. See Kevin McCormick's on camera interview.
Robery Miano
Robert Miano started his film career in New York, when director Michael Winner cast him as one of the muggers in the original Death Wish (1974) with Charles Bronson. Shortly after that, he was offered a role in the movie Badge 373 (1973) with Robert Duvall. After that, Robert moved to Los Angeles, where he has lived for the past 30 years. Robert has appeared in over 100 feature films in starring or co-starring roles with actors like Al Pacino and Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco in 1997. He co-starred with Jeremy Irons in Dungeons & Dragons, a cameo with Kim Basinger in Jumpshot, directed by Mark Rydell, with Morgan Freeman in Edison with Christopher Walken and Benicio Del Toro in The Funeral directed by Abel Ferrara, just to name a few.
Diana Porter

Diana Porter is a versatile young actress from Framingham, MA and enjoys working in both film and theater. She has appeared in many films including Fraternitas, The Bond, CO2, Monster Around the World, Blood is Thicker, Eye for and Eye, Save the Rim, and Merchandise. She has also performed in several theater productions including the Rocky Horror Picture Show three times, My Summer as a Mermaid The Women, Love Song, Emerson Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, The Boyfriend and Anything Goes. Her skills include; Fight Training, Fencing, Dance, Lyra, Piano, French, and Horseback Riding. See Diana Porter's on camera interview.

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